The Goblin

He who follows the three prisoners.


He stands at two and a half feet tall. He wears something that covers his body whenever possible, a robe, cloak, anything.

He is typical for a goblin. Yellow skin, black hair, unkempt nails. However, he has splotches of black spots all over his arms, ankles, and head. is exposed when he isn’t wearing a robe or cloak.


He calls himself G1G2, apparently named after another goblin met very early in the prisoner’s quest.

He seems to have magical prowess, showing ability to cast at least twelve different spells.

His exact past is unknown aside from one key part: he has confirmed that he is the son of the goblin met by the prisoners.

Lately the adventurers has had many new additions to their team. And thus hasn’t been seen doing as much.

His role during the war is unknown, but after the war had finished, he vanished. This of course, making the dwarf fighter known as Joe Smith sob incomprehensibly. Where he is and who he was will forever be a mystery… or will it?

The Goblin

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